Anna Kollmer Our round of introductions continues. Anna has been part of the Liefergrün team since September. In marketing she is responsible for communication, creates content for social media and writes the posts for our blog. Team member: I’m Anna … Read More

What does the future of urban last mile delivery look like?

Delivery as a Service is the future of urban last mile logistics! The last mile describes the last step in the supply chain to the end customer. This is often described as the most difficult step, because the last mile … Read More


Christian Klat In der heutigen Vorstellungsserie lernt ihr Christian kennen! Er ist Wirtschaftsinformatiker und seit Juni Teil des Liefergrün-Teams. Teammitglied: Ich bin Christian Klat, 28 Jahre alt und bin Backend Developer.   Superkraft: Man sagt mir nach, dass ich gut meckern … Read More

Traditional courier services do not meet the requirements of customers

It needs new solutions! The increasing e-commerce has a strong impact on courier, express and parcel services! Courier services can no longer meet the high demands of customers. In the last ten years, the growth in sales in B2C e-commerce … Read More

How the cargo bike wins the last mile

The advantages of a cargo bike E-commerce thrives on the smooth delivery of parcels by „courier express parcel services“. In this way, customer satisfaction can be guaranteed, which encourages repeat purchases. But nowadays it is no longer only essential that … Read More


Robin Wingenbach We continue with our introduction round! Robin is the co-founder of Liefergrün and has been managing the processes between Liefergrün, retailers and delivery fleets since day one. Team member: I am Robin Wingenbach, 27 years old and one … Read More

How Sendit.Green became a logistics tech start-up

A short history about founding our start-up How Sendit.Green became a logistics tech start-up and what we learned from our mistakes; you can read here! In January this year we, Max, Niklas and Robin, founded the company Liefergrün. One thing … Read More

This is Sendit.Green – This is us!

In our introduction video you will get to know us personally and what we stand for at Liefergrün even better! 


Max Schleper In our first blog post we start with our introduction series. Today we introduce you to one of the three founders of Liefergrün! Team member: I am Maximilian Schleper, 23 years old and responsible for the entire IT … Read More